mainDSS (maintenance Decision Support System) is a project aiming to establish a methodological framework and provide the thereto necessary IT tools to improve the performance of industries as relates to their maintenance departments.
incorporates the ontology, the KPIs and the assessment criteria, in order to perform automated audit based on retrieved maintenance data from the corporate CMMS.
analyses CMMS data and data from the ambient environment of the specific industry, in order to derive recommendations for leveraging maintenance performance and offer proposals for ameliorating identified shortcomings.
monitors the progress of the maintenance department and issues electronic progress reports.
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In today’s competitive business environment, every conceivable advantage is being pursued by companies. It’s well known that maintenance is viewed as a “black hole” where too much money goes with little measurable return. As many companies are shifting their focus to the optimisation of their assets, management is realising that maintenance offers real opportunities in reducing cost and increasing productivity. To achieve these opportunities, companies have to overcome three problems, being:

  • The top management is not enough familiar with the required technical terms for understanding maintenance needs and assessing the impact of their maintenance investments;
  • The necessary support from a maintenance consultant/expert is unaffordable, especially for industrial SMEs;
  • Enterprises have invested in and operate Maintenance Management Systems (CMMSs) to organise the activities and minimise the operational cost of their maintenance departments. However, in most cases they do not have or they do not deploy the necessary resources to maximise the benefits from their CMMS.

The above issues represent a real barrier in the maintenance market, leading the majority of the maintenance departments to operate in a cost ineffective and less productive way. mainDSS aspires to overcome this barrier and offer support towards the improvement of the maintenance departments’ performance, irrespectively of the industrial sector and the plant size.

Target Groups

The target groups of the mainDSS product are the following:

  • Companies already using a CMMS. These companies will be accessed either by the CMMS providers or through the dissemination events (e.g. Euromaintenance, Comdex).
  • Those who are interested for a developed benchmarking tool regarding maintenance functions. Typical examples could be the National Maintenance Societies.
  • All CMMS providers who will have the opportunity to provide improved services to their costumers (as the mainDSS adds value to their CMMS product and increases its impact on the companies / end-users).